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Personalized medicine is increasingly being employed across many areas of clinical practice, as genes associated with specific diseases are discovered and targeted therapies are developed. Mobile apps are also beginning to be used in medicine with the aim of providing a personalized approach to disease management.

In this podcast, Senior Editor for BMC Medicine Claire Barnard speaks to experts from various disease specialties about where we are in terms of personalized medicine in their respective fields, as well as their visions for the future (the podcast accompanies the Personalized medicine: genes, biomarkers and tailored treatment article series).



“I think this is the most exciting time in the history of medicine… this whole area is blossoming, exploding with innovation.”

Eric Topol, The Scripps Research Institute

Eric Topol from Scripps Translational Science Institute describes how mobile phone apps are having an increasingly profound impact on medicine through monitoring health and incentivizing healthy behavior. Oncology has seen great progress in personalized medicine with the development of targeted therapies, as outlined by Daniel Hayes from the University of Michigan, and David Leslie from St Bartholomew’s Hospital and Blizard Institute discusses the advantages of an individualized approach to diabetes management over guideline-led therapy. In the field of stroke, genetic variants associated with disease risk and therapy response are just starting to be uncovered; Hugh Markus from Cambridge University tells us what results from recent genome-wide association studies have revealed about stroke pathogenesis.

The full transcript of the podcast is available here.


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