“Many of the things people with epilepsy struggle with are universal. Women with epilepsy worry about the impact of their condition and their medications on their offspring. Children with epilepsy struggle to be accepted and succeed
in school. Adolescents with epilepsy fear rejection from their peers. These are  pretty common issues.”

– Gretchen Birbeck


As part of the BMC Medicine thematic series ‘Medicine for global health’, Guest Editor Gretchen Birbeck discusses her experience of the challenges faced in managing epilepsy in low- and middle- income countries.

Gretchen Birbeck is a Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology at Michigan State University. She has roles in clinical neurology, epidemiology and health services research with a keen interest in the optimal management of neurological conditions in resource-limited settings. Based in southern Africa for half of the year, she has first-hand experience in the management of such conditions and, in particular, of epilepsy, which is one of her main areas of interest


A full transcript is available here.

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