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GigaScience’s open peer–review policy already encourages ‘open and transparent’ science, however pre-publication discussion around Assemblathon 2, the largest systematic assessment of the process of genome assembly, proceeded in a more public way than the Editors expected.

In this video, Editor-in-Chief Laurie Goodman discusses the unusual ‘meta’ peer review that ensued after one of the reviewers posted their comments about the manuscript on a blog. As the manuscript was hosted on a preprint server, and the data in the public domain, reviewers, authors and others in the community were able to contribute to the discussion, whilst the manuscript was in peer review.


“Probably the first time… that I felt that a review process was constructive rather than antagonistic”

Laurie Goodman, Editor, GigaScience


Assemblathon 2 has now been published in GigaScience, with the results of this real-time, open peer-review available to view on the Assemblathon website.

GigaScience recently reached its first anniversary, you can read more on their milestones in changing how life science research is published over the last year here.


See also: “Is peer review broken?” – a video featuring a discussing limitations with the current peer review process, from the perspectives of authors, reviewers, and Editors.


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Assemblathon 2: evaluating de novo methods of genome assembly in three vertebrate species

Bradnam KR, Fass JN, Alexandrov A, Baranay P, Bechner M, Birol I, Boisvert S, Chapman JA et al.

GigaScience 2013, 2:10

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